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Pauline Method of Household Sin Reduction

* See bottom for Author’s Note on “Pauline”

The Pauline Method for Household Sin Reduction begins with one basic fact, one simple observation and three key truths.

The basic fact is we are all sinners. All of us. Each of us. Every single last one of us. Doesn’t matter if you agree or not, doesn’t matter if you see it or not, doesn’t matter if you even believe in the idea of sin or not. You’re still a sinner. Think of it this way, being a sinner is less about being wrong than it is about being not quite. As in, not quite there. Sin is better understood as missing the mark or not quite reaching the goal. Sin is falling short. So our reality is that we all fall short. We don’t quite make it to who and what God calls and created us to be.

But think about this. If we all fall short, if we are all sinners, then we are surrounded by sinners all the time, every day. You see, you are not the problem. It’s them. They are the problem. All those sinners. Crowding ’round you at work and school and the ball field. Cutting you off in traffic. Taking 12 items into the 10 item only grocery line. There are sinners everywhere! But wait, it gets worse. You’re surrounded not only by those sinners out there, but by those sinners right here. Look around you. There are sinners – IN – YOUR – HOME! Yes. Your house is filled with sinners. Look at their beady, shifty little eyes. You can almost see the sinful thoughts rolling around in their sinful little heads. Upstairs. Downstairs. Not taking out the trash. Sassing their mom. Sinners! If you’re married, you even share a bed with one.

Thankfully, we have the Pauline Method for Household Sin Reduction.

There are three keys to the PMHSR. When utilized properly, they are 100% guaranteed to lower the number of sinners in your household. These keys are also legal and environmentally friendly. The keys to the PMHSR are safe, simple and effective.


You can’t get much safer than focusing on one task at a time. You don’t try to clean the whole house at once. You start in one room.


How simple is that? You get to choose which sinner to get rid of first. That’s right. Pick one. Any one. You can start small, or go big. The choice is yours.


That’s right. You can choose any sinner you want to get rid of, as long as you choose yourself first. I said it was simple, not easy. And there is no more effective means for the treatment of sin in your home than dealing with the only sinner you can really get your hands around. You.

When you accept as true the reality that you are not quite, then you create room for grace and mercy and forgiveness.

When you live in grace and mercy and forgiveness, you are changed. This change in you elicits change in others. They don’t change. Your perspective of them changes. Your side of the relationship changes. Their experience of you changes. Imagine if you meet hostility with patience, failure with grace, less than with more than. Picture your response to those sinners being peace instead of frustration, acceptance instead of judgement, joy instead of anger. Think that would affect the amount of sinfulness in your home? Of course it would. And you will have the Pauline Method of Household Sin Reduction to thank. Well, that, or Jesus.

* Author’s Note – It’s “Pauline” the adjectival form of the name “Paul”, not Pauline like a woman’s name. I know, it sounds pretty scholarly and impressive. I encourage you to use it in random conversations with your friends so they will think you are smarter than you actually are. That’s what I do.


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